About AKNW

AKNW Logo Color Tranparent 72ppi 4xXAvian Knowledge Northwest (AKNW) is a regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) and a data-driven decision support system for scientists, natural resource managers, and other individuals interested in advancing bird and habitat conservation in the northwestern United States. AKNW offers tools for collecting, entering, uploading, managing, accessing, and summarizing bird monitoring data. AKNW also provides science-based information about bird populations and habitats to inform natural resource management planning and to advance ecosystem conservation. Avian Knowledge Northwest is hosted by the Klamath Bird Observatory, in partnership with Point Blue Conservation Science and represents a broad partnerhip.


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The Avian Knowledge Network's (AKN) mission is to support a network of people, data, and technology to improve bird conservation, management, and research across organizational boundaries and spatial scales. We envision a world where bird populations thrive through conservation and management informed by a network of avian knowledge.

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AKN Nodes

An AKN Node is an online data and resource portal designed to preserve, discover, deliver, and summarize information for particular bird conservation needs and objectives. The AKN is comprised by a network of nodes. 

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